Training in Systematic Instruction

Training in Systematic Instruction

Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI) is a structured approach to teaching vocational and independent living skills to people with intellectual disabilities. TSI has an emphasis on errorless learning and encourages decision-making by people with a learning disability enabling them to learn complex tasks.

It was originally devised by Dr Marc Gold, an American Psychologist who conducted his pioneering research in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s. Generally taught over a 3 or 4 day period, the training should include observed teaching practice with consultant learners who have a disability. The courses normally have a capacity of 10-12 learners.

BASE does not deliver TSI training directly. Instead we work with a range of associates whose training we are confident to recommend. This training is much in demand and we recommend you contact the trainers directly to enquire about costs and availability.



Kilsby and Allan (Mark Kilsby & Julie Allan)

Turn-it-around Training (Sarah Bastow & Alison Dagg)

Kent Supported Employment (Mitch Mitchell & Ben Carne)

Enable Services (Matthew Morris)

Liz Garnham

Ellen Atkinson

Barry Jones Consulting