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The construction engineering company, Costain, is holding an engagement event in Durham on 30 May. They are looking to engage with new suppliers, SME’s and social enterprises. The scope of works will be typical construction engineering but will be a vast requirement for support services to the project.

There will be opportunities for BASE members to collaborate with Costain through their supply chain for the provision of services. Details are on the attached flyer.

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Social enterprise
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Scotland's Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026

This ten-year, national social enterprise strategy sets out our shared ambitions for social enterprise in Scotland, jointly developed with the sector. It provides a framework for action over the next decade. 

Social enterprise models inclusive growth and this strategy will support the aim of sustainable economic growth, tackling inequalities and building a fairer Scotland.

The strategy focuses on three main priorities:

1) Stimulating social enterprise

2) Developing stronger organisations

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