Supported Employment Quality Framework

BASE is taking part in an ERASMUS project to develop a quality framework for Supported Employment. The two year project began in October 2015 and sees BASE working with a number of transnational partners:

Our main objective is to improve services for vulnerable job seekers, employees and their employers by creating a quality framework for supported employement agencies.

We want to develop 4 products.

  1. A quality framework in which the five basic principles of Supported Employment (client engagement, vocational profiling, job finding, employer engagement on & of job support) are translated and linked to one or more of the nine EFQM areas.
  2. We will develop a self-assessment toolkit for organisations. The result of this self-assessment is an overview of points in which the organization can grow, improve and further develop in using supported employment.
  3. Organisations may choose to establish a growth and development plan following their self-assessment. The project will examine the principles, format and approach of such a plan. The quality framework will enable benchmarking for organisations.
  4. We will develop a training module for Supported Employment Quality Assessors. This training ensures that the self-assessment takes place in a standardised way. The training is also focused on coaching organisations to develop a growth and development plan. These assessors can then also offer opportunities for external audit in order to test out the self-assessment.

BASE has tested the self-assessment toolkit with a number of BASE members to refine the product. Further testing is planned during 2017 and DWP is using a section of the toolkit for the supported employment Proof of Concept areas. The final documents are available at