Specialist printing

Able and Willing

ableandwilling (A&W) are Brighton & Hove's only true social enterprise. We are employers who support people with a variety of disabilities.

A safe and supportive environment

We believe in dignity through work and fair pay for all in our business. A&W has helped many disabled people move on into full time employment, and is still helping many more to do the same!

A&W provides a safe and supportive environment and produces much needed products and services to both the public and private sectors.

A&W are committed to helping your community.

Scottish Braille Press

The Scottish Braille Press is a department of the charity Royal Blind, registered charity no. SCO17167, and is a leading provider of high quality alternative formats such as Braille, Large Print and Audio. Founded in 1891 we have many years of experience and are experts in our field.  

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