Swindon plans to double employment rates

Swindon Borough Council's Supported Employment Strategy, which has been approved by the council’s Health and Wellbeing Board, aims to double the percentage of adults with a learning difficulty in paid employment form 5.6 per cent this year to 10 per cent by March 2022.

And it wants a significant increase of those leaving the council’s care in paid work, from 64 per cent this year to three-quarters in the next three and a half years.

The plan, presented to the board by Phillipa Lamb, strategic planning manager at Euclid Street, and Sally Burnett, the employment commissioner for children’s services said:

“The number of people with learning disabilities, and the number of care leavers on paid employment in Swindon are lower than in many other areas of the country.

“We recognise the need for an employment culture shift and social care workers, education workers, providers and other staff to we more ambitious for both people with disabilities and care leavers.

“This includes raising aspirations from a young age and improving transition form education to work.”

Ms Burnett said the strategy would promote to employers supported internships and apprenticeships, which would allow individuals to develop skills and be equipped for work and this should lead to more people in paid employment.

She asked the board: “Are our targets ambitious enough? An increase to 10 per cent of adults with learning disabilities in work is another 23 adults over four years. Sixty per cent of those people say they want to work.”

The strategy was approved and will be sent to the council’s cabinet for a final decision.

Source: Swindon Advertiser