Scottish task group recommends employment action

The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) has today published the Employment Task Group report to Scottish Government Ministers.

The report, titled The Route to Employment for People with Learning Disabilities in Scotland, explores what needs to be done to create more and better employment opportunities for Scots with a learning disability.

The report states 4 priorities for action:

  • Overcome the low expectations held by parents, schools, colleges and employers.
  • Gather data more effectively and invest funding where people with learning disabilities in Scotland secure both employment and support to develop in that job.
  • Use this data to invest in post-school funding of services that can deliver employment outcomes of at least 50%.
  • Recruit and train job coaches that can support people with learning disabilities into employment and throughout their careers. Recognise job coaching as a profession, with nationally monitored quality standards.

In 2016 SCLD commissioned a report, Mapping the Employability Landscape for people with a learning disability in Scotland, to scope the employment position for people with a learning disability in Scotland, and to identify ways in which the vision within The Keys to life would be delivered.