Sarah Newton resigns as Disability Minister

It is being reported that Sarah Newton, Minister for Disabled People, has resigned from her ministerial role. She votied in favour of a Brexit motion originally put forward by Government.  

The government tabled a motion to prevent the UK from exiting the EU on 29 March without a withdrawal agreement. Conservative MPs were promised a free vote on the main motion by Theresa May but before MPs voted on it, they backed an amendment tabled by Labour's Yvette Cooper rejecting a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances - by just four votes.  This led to the government ordering Conservative MPs to vote against its own motion. Sarah Newton voted in favour of the ammended motion and then announced her resignation.

Sarah Newton was appointed Minister for Disabled People in November 2017. There have now been 7 ministers in this role since the 2010 general election and we await the naming of her  replacement.