Research about impact of Covid-19 on learning disabled people

A national research project is examining the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of people with a learning disability. The project wants to know more about the lives of adults with learning disabilities through the coronavirus pandemic. They also want to talk to adults with learning disabilities or family carers/paid support staff of people with learning disabilities who need someone else to answer the questions on their behalf.

They have already published a brief report that presents the key issues on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic identified from discussions with their partner organisations and advisory groups across the UK. The issues are derived from the views of people with learning disabilities, family carers and organisations that support people with learning disabilities, which appear to be similar across all four nations. These key issues focus on: changes in support, health concerns, lack of access to family members in residential care/hospital, lack of information, experience of using digital platforms, impact on the carer and impact of restrictions.

A copy of the report is attached below and you can find out more about the research at