PfA Supported Internship survey

Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) has conducted a survey of Supported Internship provision and outcomes. 

PfA heard from 72 regional organisations leading to the following key findings:

  • 82% of respondents offer supported internships (SI) with the majority being offered through FE Colleges in the 19-25 age range
  • the number of organisations offering SI has increased year on year since 2014 (28% started in the last academic year)
  • 75% of organisations have job coaches, the lowest percentage being through Local Authorities
  • FE Colleges and Educational establishments have a high proportion of job coaches that are TSI trained and/or have a Certificate in Supported Employment. 
  • Most job coaches support 5-10 young people
  • Over 1000 people have benefited from Supported Internships and almost 50% have progressed onto some form of paid employment.  There are currently between 570 and 770 young people on a SI with the majority through FE College or Local Authority