ItT for EHRSUA delayed to April

Following early pre-market engagement and surveys, DWP announded that they had reviewed the timeline for applications to join the Employment & Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement (EHRSUA) and would be issuing two separate Invitations to Tender (ItT); one tender in respect of Tier One and Tier Two and a further tender for Tier Three, at a later date.

They subsequently advised on 9th and 10th January 2020 that the initial ItT for Tier One and Tier Two was anticipated to be published at the end of January 2020.  As a result of further market and stakeholder engagement, and the ongoing design and development of Tier Three, the Department has made the decision to delay publication of the ItTs until April 2020.

This will facilitate the continued development of the full requirements for Tier Three, enable the impact of the upcoming budget to be considered in more detail and also allow them to conduct further market engagement activity.

At that stage the intention will then be to be publish both ItTs within the same time period.

DWP are still keen to continue to receive feedback and views on how they can develop these commercial vehicles and you can do this at any time by emailing SHS.EMPLOYABILITYUMBRELLAAGREEMENT@DWP.GOV.UK.

DWP will continue to give clarity to the market of their future plans and potential pipeline as and when they can. You can continue to access the Virtual Data Room (VDR) on for any further information relating to this opportunity and any updates will continue to be communicated through the usual channels. You'll find the VDR by clicking on "Directories" within the quick links on the Bravo solutions home page.