Hampshire tenders for Supported Employment service

Hampshire County Council is to re-tender its Supported Employment Services. The Service will be a continuation of over 20 years investment by the Council in Supported Employment, with the current contract that was awarded in 2015 expiring in January 2022. In order to tender for this, you will need to be registered with the Hampshire Procurement Framework Hampshire Accommodation and Support Options Model (HADSOM).

The Service contributes to the improved wellbeing of those using the Service, creating sustainable work opportunities for Service Users which recognises and supports the business needs of employers and benefits wider communities.  The Service focuses on Paid Employment Outcomes and the Council requires a pro-active approach which embraces innovation that can help support this principle. Pivotal to the success of this contract will be employer engagement, with the Service Provider holding a strategic oversight of the employment market both nationally and locally.

The contract will be offered in two parts, the central part being up to 5 years, with an approximate value of £200,000 per year. The second part of the contract has a focus on Development work with our colleges in Hampshire to further establish employability hubs, with this work being 18 months and valued at £50,000 over this period.

Hampshire County Council welcomes those who would like to receive further information and potentially tender for this Service, Hampshire County Council are Procuring through the procurement framework AS10870 S&C - HADSOM (Hampshire Accommodation and Support Options Model), Care and Support Stream.  To access and register on HADSOM please use the link here and more details can be found here.