Final Restart ITT documents published

The final stage of Restart Programme ITT has been launched. DWP have issued Stage 3 (full and final offers) documents for bidders on the CAEHRS Framework relating to Restart.

You can view the documents in the Restart VDR (Virtual Data Room) on the Jaggaer system. If you are interested in accessing the documents, for information-only purposes, related to the Programme you can do so through the Department’s Jaggaer procurement tool.  If you do not already have an account please download and follow the instructions on the ERSA website. Once logged into the system, to access the Virtual Data Room, please select the File Sharing icon on the left hand side menu and select Files and Directories from the subsequent expanding menus. You will then be able to access the Virtual Data Room by selecting ‘Restart Virtual Data Room'.

The £2.9 billon Restart scheme, announced at the Spending Review in November 2020, will give Universal Credit claimants who have been out of work for at least 12 months enhanced support to find jobs in their local area. Restart will break down any employment barriers that could be holding them back from finding work. Providers will work with employers, local government and other partners to deliver tailored support for individuals.

Referrals will be made over a 3-year period and Restart is expected to benefit more than 1 million Universal Credit claimants who are expected to look for and be available for work but have no sustained earnings.