ETF webinar: Motivating and engaging our SEND community

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is organising a free webinar aimed at leaders, SEND managers and SEND teams.  Although this offer is from the ETF's SEND programme, the theme would be relevant to anyone working with learners and staff during Covid 19.

The webinar takes place at 2pm to 4pm on 1 February and is titled "Motivating and engaging our SEND community during the pandemic". It will be delivered by the ETF's three National Centres for Excellence in SEND and it's an opportunity to hear about effective practice during lockdown and to have time for group discussion.

The centres will share how they are responding to and ensuring:

  • staff and learners with SEND are motivated and are safe and taking care
  • the curriculum motivates learners with SEND 
  • Learners with SEND are motivated to progress into employment.

Booking is available via