Erasmus+ and ESC funding from the government guarantee

The Goivernment has issued guidance to providers currently delivering ESF funded projects. You may need to make a claim against the HMG guarantee if your organisation receives EU funding for Erasmus+ and ESC (European Solidarity Corps) projects. The guarantee will cover funding for successful Erasmus+ and ESC bids, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Erasmus+ and ESC funding will continue as normal until the end of the programme in 2020, if the UK leaves the EU with a deal.

You should continue to submit funding applications to the European Commission (EC) or the UK National Agency as you would do normally. Only organisations with successful bids can make a claim against the HMG guarantee. Successful bids are those approved directly by the EC or the UK National Agency and then ratified by the EC.

All UK organisations who are involved in successful Erasmus+ applications should register. This includes projects and applicants that are only informed of their success, or who sign a grant agreement, after the UK has left the EU. The funding will continue until the end of your project.

Read the guidance on how to apply for funding on the Erasmus+ UK National Agency’s website.