DWP publishes 2021 Commissioning Strategy

DWP has p[ublished its 2021 Employment Provision Commissioning Strategy. The strategy sets out how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will support the intention to see one million more disabled people in work by 2027.

This will include assessing whether services should be delivered in-house or contracted out and encourages DWP Employment Category and their suppliers to deliver outcomes, focussing on 4 key areas: Value for Money, Leadership, Market Management and Innovation and Continuous Improvement whilst recognising best practice in areas like social value and environmental management.

DWP have identified 5 aims for delivering employment support:

Aim 1 Value for Money – The Category needs to spend ethically, strategically and set targets and Key Performance Indicators for procurement and contract management.
Aim 2 Leadership – To deliver our strategy and programmes, the Category will demonstrate effective leadership to increase its impact and influence across the employment sector.
Aim 3 Market Management – To talk to the market and engage early. Understand the deliverability of our requirements, the feasibility of alternative options and ways to innovate that could help the delivery of better services.

To encourage new entrants into the employment market to allow growth and expertise and facilitate Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) suppliers to thrive, whilst protecting the capacity and capability of the market so we retain a balance of existing providers and new.
Aim 4 Innovation and Continuous Improvement – To deliver better innovation and continuous improvement through our procurement activity and during contract life, modernising in terms of scope, use of technology and procedures.
Aim 5 Delivery – contracts and providers exceed delivery expectations set out in contracts in terms of quality and performance and drive continuous improvement in the service and the impact on the economy and environment. Programme participants are the heart of all we do.

The Sourcing Playbook set out practical guidance to support delivery and drive improvement for key policies.