Down's syndrome awareness week

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week runs from 19 to 25 of March. This year’s theme is “What I Bring To My Community” and BASE member, WorkFit, will be playing an important role in the week.

Last year the Downs Syndrome Association (DSA) sold over 5,000 pairs of colourful socks to get people talking and raise money during Awareness Week. Two of their partner employers, Wiltshire Police and the Environment Agency, competed to see who could get the most staff members to wear the socks. Wiltshire Police won by a small margin – they even managed to get their dogs to wear the socks.

This year DSA are selling socks again and are challenging all of their employers to see how many socks they can sell to staff, family members and friends. Do you fancy a challenge? Then call 0333 1212 300 to find out more.

21st March is World Down’s Syndrome Day, run by Down’s Syndrome International (DSi) - the worldwide organisation for people with Down’s syndrome. DSi are hosting a special conference at UN headquarters in New York which aims to inform key groups of the benefits of employing people with Down’s syndrome and to promote positive change. People with Down’s syndrome, employers, parents, experts and government representatives will all be taking part. WorkFit will be attending with employers, candidates and parents and the event is live-streamed by the UN.

If you’re inspired to show your support for WorkFit and the DSA and wear #LotsOfSocks this year, why not share a picture on Twitter or Facebook with the #LotsOfSocks or #InclusionMatters hashtag.