Community Renewal Fund - prospectus published

The Government has published its 2021-2022 prospectus for the Community Renewal Fund. The £220m fund is designed to help the UK prepare for the introduction of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The Government has identified 100 priority places for investment based on an index of economic resilience across Great Britain which measures productivity, household income, unemployment, skills and population density.

The lead authorities will be:

  • Mayoral Combined Authorities, where they exist in England
  • The Greater London Authority
  • County Councils
  • Unitary authorities elsewhere in England and in Scotland and Wales

These lead authorities will invite bids from project applicants prior to submitting a shortlist of project bids to UK government by 18 June. Succesful projects will be announced from July onwards.

The fund will target the following investment priorities:

  • Investment in skills
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place
  • Supporting people into employment

Bids under the strand for supporting people into work may include, but are not limited to, interventions that address:

  • Supporting people to engage with local services which support them on their journey towards employment – such as bringing together multi-agency teams to join up a variety of services around an individual to address the variety of barriers to employment they may face; or key-worker support to connect individuals with existing public or voluntary provision.

  • Identifying and addressing any potential barriers these individuals may face in gaining employment or moving closer to the labour market – such as the use of key-worker support to work with beneficiaries to identify barriers to employment; working with and connecting individuals to the most appropriate services throughout the employment journey.

  • Raising aspirations, supporting individuals to access Plan for Jobs employment support, jobs and find sustainable employment – such as providing holistic support to address the long-term barriers to employment including but not limited to: support for alcohol and drugs interventions, skills for life such as timekeeping, confidence building and, employability support, including work experience, CV writing or interview preparation.

  • Supporting people to gain the basic skills they need to develop their potential for sustainable work – such as English, Maths, Digital and English for Speakers of Other Languages skills and training courses. Other suitable provision could include support intended to develop communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

  • Testing what works in helping people move towards work – such as testing new initiatives which support people along the employment journey to understand how different interventions, or targeting approaches, can maximise the effectiveness of employment programmes aimed at those furthest from the labour market.

Interventions must be financially completed (i.e. all delivery activity concluded) by 31 March 2022 and will be for this year only. If there is more than one organisation applying to deliver a project, a lead organisation must be selected to become the lead applicant (and grant recipient) with the remaining organisation(s) acting as delivery partner(s). In this situation the applicant would be responsible and liable for the delivery partner(s) and ensuring the project is operating as planned.

UK Community Renewal Fund: prospectus 2021-22