Being disabled in Britain: A journey less equal

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published a report, "Being disabled in Britain: A journey less equal." that looks at the experiences of people with a disability in the UK today. It builds on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s statutory five-yearly report on equality and human rights progress in England, Scotland and Wales, Is Britain Fairer?. The report found a lack of equal opportunities in education and employment and barriers to access to transport, health services and housing.

This review also draws on new quantitative data analysis and its submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, published in February 2017, to present a fuller and more up-to-date examination of the key challenges facing disabled people in Britain. 

The report includes chapters on six areas of life, including education, work, health, justice and participation in politics, looking at where there has been progress and where there are still serious issues to be tackled. It also looks the experiences of those with different impairments and how these impact on people’s life chances.