BASE award winner, Castle School, rated outstanding again

BASE member, The Castle School, welcomed OFSTED recently for a one day inspection with the outcome being that they remain Outstanding. The Castle School in Newbury was awarded the Team of the Year Award by BASE in 2017.

One of the key lines of enquiry was how the curriculum supported students appropriately to prepare them for adulthood which included an employment focus. 

In the report, OFSTED wrote:

"The curriculum provides experiences which challenge pupils to use the skills they have developed in school. This is particularly evident with the older pupils, who are able to demonstrate confidence and aptitude in accessing work experience and successfully moving onto college and into employment."

"The ‘world of work’ is a key area of the curriculum and recognised as a best practice model of delivery"

The school has offered advice and support to many BASE members and recently hosted study visits by practitioners from Norway and Australia.

If you would like to read the full OFSTED report, it can be found at