Assistive technology fund launched through Access to Work

The Minister for Disabled People has announced a new Tech Fund as part of Access to Work, offering employers significant savings on the cost of assistive technology. The announcement follows the Work and Pensions inquiry into assistive technology.

The cost of assistive technology required by disabled employees will now be waived for all employers under the new Tech Fund.

The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Sarah Newton, said:

"We know that assistive technology has the power to transform lives, helping to break down the barriers disabled people can face at work and so many other areas of their everyday lives.

"Access to Work is providing support to disabled people across the country, and I hope that through the new Tech Fund more disabled people and their employers will be able to benefit from advances in assistive technology that can help create more inclusive workplaces."

Employers will be able to make a significant saving through the Tech Fund. Before the new rules were introduced, medium employers paid the first £500 towards technological solutions and large employers paid the first £1,000, with both paying 20% of the cost thereafter up to £10,000. This cost will now be waived for all employers under the new Tech Fund.