APPG inquiry into youth employment

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Youth Employment is conducting an inquiry into youth employment. 

Following the £3.06bn government investment into new and existing youth employment initiatives in the summer, is there any sign of tensions in the systems and areas where young people can fall through the gaps? In this inquiry the APPG is exploring the key youth employment programmes and see what the early indicators are of success. It aims to provide constructive feedback to the government to accelerate impact or where improvements need to be made if there are tensions in the system.

Inquiry Questions

  • Are the summers announcements #PlanForJobs ambitious enough to address the youth unemployment challenge?
  • Are their gaps and tensions that may cause a rise in further inequalities amongst groups of young people such as those furthest from the labour market?
  • What more needs to be done to accelerate impact and ensure no young person is left behind?

This inquiry will launch in September 2020 and further information including meetings dates and details for inquiry submissions will be published in September. A consultation webinar was held on 21 September and a further event is planned for 19 October

Submissions should be emailed to ​​ by 5pm on 7​ November.