2019 EUSE conference invites presentation abstracts

The 13th EUSE Conference on Supported Employment, “Transitions”, is being held in Amsterdam from 27-29 May 2019. The organisers would like to invite all engaged in the employment arena from NGOs, policy makers, government agencies, recipients of employment services, academics and researchers to share their knowledge, skills and expertise on a range of themes intended to promote the model and best practice in Supported Employment. They have now opened the call for absracts.

Abstracts should be submitted according to the Call for Abstracts submission guidelines and conditions. The abstract submission deadline is 8 October 2018, before 16:00 hrs (GMT). Abstracts will be accepted for the following sessions to be held at the conference:

Session Type Description/Duration Delegates
  • 30 Minutes Presentation
  • 15 Minutes Questions & Answers
  • 45 minutes total
Workshop An interactive session sharing and informing practice and/or policy with an audience – to include activities and/or Question & answer sessions.


  • 45 Minutes
Debate / Discussion Group Lead discussion on topical subject – open forum or debate session.


  • 45 Minutes
Data Collection/ Research Present Research followed by discussion


  • 45 minutes

The purpose of the sessions is to present information and innovative approaches to employment for people with disabilities and people from other disadvantaged situations as well as to initiate discussion and debate regarding key issues.

Prospective speakers/presenters should view this as an opportunity to present new knowledge, experiences and information and an opportunity to challenge delegates views.

Abstracts should not be an overview of projects or organisations.
Abstracts are particularly welcome from people with disabilities and people from disadvantaged situations.

Size of the abstract: max 500 words

Stated objectives and outcome of presentation: max. 150 words

For further information, and to submit an abstract, please visit https://euse2019.eu/abstract-submission/

The conference is being hosted by the Dutch Organisation of Supported Employment (NVS Support) and in cooperation with SUEM, the Belgian organisation for Supported Employment. The organisers have also used many networks within the Netherlands, the European Union and also the World Association (WASE) for Supported Employment.

The 13th Conference is an excellent opportunity to empower the transitions for inclusion and become inspired and invigorated by employment experts and to network with colleagues and peers from around Europe and the world.