Think Musique

Think Musique provides supported employment services including coaching, co-coaching, coping strategy sessions, Neurodiversity awareness training, exec coaching, team and leadership development, consultancy services.

Think Musique took shape long before Sarah became an accredited and published coach for business leaders and innovative thinkers. 

Working as a Service Manager, Sarah lived through the rapid change caused by mergers and acquisitions in large corporates. She wanted to be able to help others
more with their own transitions, at that time however, serious illness delayed this stage of her career. Instead, Sarah left the UK for a time to rediscover true meaning
through love, light and family.

A few years later and with a bigger family, she returned to the UK. Sarah had an opportunity to help others from those years ago, she retrained in HR and has specialised in Executive Coaching and Facilitation. After years of supporting him through school, her son was diagnosed as autistic, which prompted her to test herself. Her positive diagnosis, combined with her son’s desire to discover, became a catalyst for deeper self-development and greater client work as a coach.

Sarah was then able to develop and understand the logic her son would need to accomplish everyday goals. All of Sarah’s experience and learning to this point enabled the creation of a language that her son the whole family could communicate in. Think Musique was born out of this approach to problem solving, discovering ambitions and exploring the approaches that are most likely to help achieve them.

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