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The N.E.E.D. Project

Here at The N.E.E.D. Project we understand the importance of meaningful work experience for people with disabilities. Working is something that many of us take for granted, and we don’t necessarily recognise that there are thousands of disability students all around the country being deprived of the benefits working offers all of our lives. These benefits can be financial but also include social interaction, meeting new people, making friends, feeling that one has a purpose, learning new skills, and living a fulfilling life. These things we take for granted promote confidence, independence, self-esteem, and happiness, and they are of vital importance to all of us. 

The N.E.E.D. Project strives to bring employers, educators, charities and other interested stakeholders together to help more people with a disability to achieve their potential. Working with large businesses, colleges and charities all around the country we attempt to arrange volunteering placements, work experience, supported internships and actual paid jobs. We also attempt to arrange trips and visits from businesses to colleges and charities in order to teach students about businesses and working.

In the 2017 we hope to be working with The BBC and The NHS as well as the many other businesses we already have on board country-wide in order to provide meaningful work placements for people with disabilities and attempt to improve their prospects, ambitions and lives.

The service is available for all those with disabilities over 18. We originally started out with only disability colleges for students aged 18-25, but the project is now also available to charities such as Mencap; therefore all ages over 18 are welcome.

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