Orpheus Centre

Orpheus Centre

The Orpheus Centre is an independent specialist College in Godstone, Surrey. We focus on developing independence skills through performing and visual arts and make dramatic improvements to young disabled adults’ lives.

Students at Orpheus are given a personalised curriculum that supports their aspirations and keeps them at the centre of everything that we do. Students have access to work experience in the first two years of their three year programme at Orpheus, in order for them to explore their aspirations and develop vital employability skills and behaviours. In their known final year at Orpheus, they may access our supported internship or work ready programmes that provide practical extended experience of the world of work in line with their individual transition plans.

Supported Internships

Students may have the opportunity to participate in a 3 day per week supported internship; this will be supported by our job coaches on the supported internship for as long as needed. The supported internship will be tailored towards individual aspirations.

Work Ready

Students may have the opportunity to have an extended work placement during their final year at Orpheus. This work placement could be external and, or internal at Orpheus. The placements with be supported and will be tailored to your aspirations.

Further information on the application process to join the Orpheus Centre 

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The Orpheus Centre
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