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Classroom in the Heart of Industry

Linwood School is an outstanding Specialist school working with a wide range of pupils from nursery to year 14. From September 2020 we will have a provision working with 19 plus students.

At Linwood we are passionate about improving outcomes for our children and young people and work very closely with families and external agencies to facilitate this. We offer a safe and supportive environment, as well as a personalised, relevant, innovative and motivating curriculum to meet a range of individual learning needs.

We strongly believe that all children and young people should be respected and valued and given opportunities to reach their full potential. All learning is outcome led promoting achievement, resilience, wellbeing, aspiration and meaningful future destinations.

We have a highly motivated, talented and dedicated team of teachers and support staff who have high aspirations for our children and young people and provide a caring and challenging environment ensuring that all children and young people enjoy both personal and academic success. We work in partnership with parents /carers, a range of agencies, schools and community groups collaborating with one another to enable every learner to achieve their potential.


Classroom in the Heart of Industry

Classroom in the heart of Industry (CHI) is a unique Linwood School provision designed for students aged 16-19 who have an EHCP and access to specialist provision. It is a two- or three-year programme designed to develop employability skills alongside gaining recognised qualifications.  The CHI project acts as a gateway to employment by providing training and experience to prepare young people for working life. CHI seeks to support and develop students’ skills for employment. We are committed to maximising the learning opportunities and ensuring successful outcomes for all our learners. Parties from education and industry are working together to deliver a productive and successful curriculum.


Employability Skills Framework 

Throughout the CHI programme we are looking at developing student’s employability skills. All areas are assessed using our Employability Skills Framework (ESF), this ensures that we drive forward progression and achievement. In the ESF the fundamental skills required for developing work applicable skills are identified and broken down into micro steps which allow them to be measured.  This makes it possible for students and staff to acknowledge, record and make notes on a series of micro progressions within identified categories.  The categories (communication, self-management and organisation, motivation, teamwork, self-awareness, use of IT and commercial awareness) all have subsections. At the start of the programme all students are baselined and therefore staff and students are able to monitor the progression throughout the students’ time on the CHI programme.



Statistically, by taking this supported journey to employment, our students achieve far better outcomes than the national average. Through gaining paid employment they have the opportunity to work towards becoming independent adults.  It is widely recognised in the 21st century that diversity in the workplace is a vital and progressive approach to business, with employers recognising that the workforce should be as diverse and representative as the customer base.

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