Kingsley Organisation

Kingsley Organisation

About Us

The Kingsley Organisation supports disabled people towards the pursuit of their ambitions by valuing each person as an individual and recognising the power of opportunity and choice.

  • We aim to work together as an inclusive community
  • Every individual has a unique contribution to make
  • Given an open, caring environment and an experience of trust and enjoyment we can all fulfil our best potential
  • We recognise and value individual uniqueness and diversity

At the Kingsley Centre we focus on twin aims: 

  • To provide self-development and training opportunities with and for disabled people
  • To provide services to the community in an inclusive and enabling environment so that everyone can enjoy a variety of resources and opportunities, which promote learning, well-being and community cohesion.


Disability services

Kingsley Organisation Disability Services at Kingsley Centre, Hampshire

Chainreaction Personal Development Group 

Supported Volunteering Programme

Independent Living Project

Floating Community Tenancy Support


Friends Forever

Parent and Carers Support Group

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