The Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Project’s purpose is to help people with special needs or generally vulnerable people to be included in communities and to facilitate friendships. It is a programme to promote pro-social interaction and independent progression; to help promote healthy, social and active lifestyles for adults. We currently provide services in Hertfordshire, East Hertfordshire, West Hertfordshire, Welwyn Hatfield, North London, Swindon, Slough, Cambridge, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

The Inclusion Project runs Monday to Friday (and Saturdays and Sundays in some areas) and six evenings a week (every evening except Sunday); offering different activities on different days. Participants can select which days they attend, and can take part in one or all six days. You can find our current timetables that are being offered at our website –

We offer individual support to each participant within The Inclusion Project, in terms of progression routes. This is in the form of sourcing voluntary work opportunities, reviews, social target-setting, individual resources to improve social skills, transitions into supported living and more.

The Inclusion Project is funded through direct payments that people with special needs are allocated by their social workers. We charge in line with the standard direct payment hourly rate.



James Harpum  ( Tel. 07789 696 002 




Greg Seymour and Peter Seymour ( Tel. 07974 527 261

North London 

Cameron Walters  ( Tel. 07904 391 343 

East Hertfordshire 

Jasmine Knight  ( Tel. 07961 211 239 

Welwyn Hatfield 

Maggie Hall ( Tel. 07081 959 687 

Hertfordshire Evenings 

Kerry Kane  ( Tel. 07944 287 527

West Hertfordshire 

Cameron Greer ( Tel. 07415 840 931

Twitter - @WeAreInclusion

Instagram - @TheInclusionProject


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