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Ellen Atkinson Ltd works to ensure people with additional needs can have meaningful lives with good support which enables them to access employment, to be as independent as possible, to be part of their community and to stay safe and healthy. 

Ellen and John Atkinson were mentored by Sue and Rob Henstock of ‘Changing Futures (by design)’ and trained to deliver Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI) that remains true to the philosophy of Dr Marc Gold, a pioneerof supported employment in the early 1980s.  Sue was part of the initial select group of people to be trained in the UK by Marc Gold and having now retired, Ellen and John continue to deliver and build upon Sue and Rob’s great work.  The approach has long been considered a 'core' requirement for job coaches practicing in supported employment and is also recognised as a way of helping people to learn daily living skills.  We embed the wider principles of job coaching and supported employment disciplines within the course, such as vocational profiling and job analysis.


About TSIPicture 1

The three key components of TSI are:

  • People with disabilities have more potential than is often realised.
  • Everyone can learn if we can figure out how to teach them.
  • Everyone with disabilities should have the same opportunities to live their lives as everyone else.


About our training 

Our training ensures that participants are equipped to support people who experience a range of disabilities.  It challenges the dependency model and the complacency that often surround service delivery and support.  We empower and train participants to work alongside and in partnership with the people they support.

Ellen and John have developed a blended and flexible approach to delivering TSI, both online and face to face to meet learner requirements and complying with changing guidelines.  For more information, please contact us to see how we can help you.


About us

We have worked with and for disabled people for almost 30 years and running TSI courses for the last 6 years.Image

Ellen’s first job after leaving University was as a job coach when she was trained to support individuals into paid work, using training in systematic instruction (TSI) as a tool to help people learn to do a job with confidence.  As an associate for the National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi) Ellen is part of the Preparing for Adulthood team working with Local Authorities and the Department for Education on pathways into employment, supporting the development of employment services, whilst also working as a job coach.

John has worked in the education sector for almost 20 years as a Teaching Assistant, teacher and as a Senior Leader across the Primary and FE Sectors. He has also worked in the Financial Services sector managing operational and business process re-engineering projects.  He currently works in Further Education.


What people say

“I really enjoyed the course.  Ellen and John are very knowledgeable and engaging.  The course delivery was at the right pace and the practical element was fantastic.  Seeing the learners focusing for so long on a complex task and the joy on their faces when they had completed it, was amazing.”

“The training has given me a different approach to use in supporting my daughter to learn new independence skills.  This training could be useful for lots of parents and professionals to use with young people with SEND not just job coaches in the workplace.”

“I really enjoyed the training and found it vital for my role as a job coach to use TSI and task analysis.  I feel it is an essential tool to use with young people to help them develop their employability skills.  I felt the trainers were great in their delivery and the content given.”

“I found the course incredibly interesting and will be using it in my role as job coach and also in my parenting.”  


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