Caring Communications

Caring Communications

Caring Communications creates easy to read content, which is a form of accessible information. We help organisations to provide accessible information for people who find standard formats hard to read.   

This can mean people with learning disabilities, learning difficulties including dyslexia and ADHD, some autistic people, language learners and many others.

To include more people with clearer and simpler information is good for your employees and customers. It also ensures you comply with the law around information and accessibility.

Certified Easy Read Practitioner, with over 20 years experience in consumer marketing, NHS and Adult Social Care, including Supported Living and Supported Employment.

It's likely that your expertise and time is focused elsewhere. We can be on hand so you don't have to worry about how to produce information in easy read.  This includes information guides, websites, policy documents, forms and other types of content in digital, web or print read formats.

  • Easy read creation from existing documents
  • Finishing/proofing work started/finished
  • Taking a brief from scratch to create easy read content
  • Input from target audience, those with lived experience
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Caring Communications
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