Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand

On demand support to succeed in Work

People with autism, a common mental health condition, learning difficulty or brain injury can experience extra challenges finding and staying in work.  In certain situations or when feeling anxious, it can become hard to process thoughts, leading to heightened anxiety and sometimes crisis situations. 

Brain in Hand is an on demand support system, accessed from a mobile phone. Always available, it gives easy access to personal reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give your employee help when they want it, where they want it.

Brain in Hand has been independently proven to help reduce anxiety, improve independence and help people achieve their goals.  I’s helping more than 2,000 people, including employees at Marks&Spencer, NFU Mutual, Defra, the Dogs Trust and Asda. 

Brain in Hand is used by: 

  • Colleges and Supported Internship Providers to extend the support provided.
  • Employers looking to ensure they’re providing the right adjustments.
  • Apprenticeship schemes, looking to maximise the success of placements.
  • Local authorities, within community support services and schools, to deliver early intervention support.

About Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is an award-winning system that has been developed with the NHS, Local Authorities and The National Autistic Society. It includes three main parts:

Personal plan- Over two one to one sessions a trainer will help your employee/apprentice/student to clarify the challenges they face in work and day to day life, and develop practical solutions that will help overcome them and so set up their Brain in Hand system to best achieve their goals.  

Self-management– From an app on their phone, your employee/apprentice/student will be able to quickly find their best coping strategies for issues that cause them problems, access their diary, receive prompts for things they need to remember, and use an in-built anxiety monitor. 

Access to unlimited support - What sets Brain in Hand apart is the easy and discrete access to a team of professionals. They keep an eye on your employee/apprentice/student’s anxiety and get in touch when they need extra help by text or a call; helping them to solve problems that initially they may not be able to fix alone.   

Brain in Hand has been proven to help reduce anxiety and improve independence. Please contact us to find out more.


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