Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand

Enabling you at work, with discreet, personalised support, whenever you need it.

Manage life's bumps in the road, the unexpected and unfamiliar, with simple digital tools and real human support just when you need it.

Brain in Hand is a personalised digital self-management support system for people who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety. It's not condition-specific, but is often used by people who are autistic, who have learning difficulties, or who are managing mental health challenges. Combining human support and digital self-management technology, Brain in Hand helps people live more independently and overcome challenges in finding and staying in work.

Brain in Hand has been independently proven to help reduce anxiety, improve independence, and support people in achieving their goals. It’s currently helping over 5000 people and referring more and more people within the workplace.

Brain in Hand is used by: 

  • colleges and Supported Internship Providers to extend the support provided
  • employers looking to ensure they’re providing the right adjustments
  • employees who are referred Brain in Hand through ATW funding
  • apprenticeship schemes, looking to maximise the success of placements
  • local authorities, within community support services and schools, to deliver early intervention support.



The award-winning system has been developed with the NHS, Local Authorities and The National Autistic Society and includes three main parts:

One-to-one support – A Brain in Hand specialist helps your employee/apprentice/student to identify goals, recognise strengths, and develop solutions to overcome problems. We support each of our users to get started in the right way and keep making Brain in Hand work best for them.

Web and mobile software – Simple self-management features help with managing anxiety, remembering things, planning, and making decisions. It's all personalised on a secure web page and accessed on a mobile phone or smart device whenever it’s needed.

Round-the-clock support – Whenever some extra help is needed, your employee/apprentice/student can use a simple traffic light system to let someone know if they could use some support. This could be a Brain in Hand responder, or someone who already supports them.

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