Supported Employment Quality Framework

Year of Publication: 

The Supported Employment Quality Framework (SEQF) was produced through an ERASMUS project involving BASE and a number of transnational partners:

Our main objective has been to improve services for vulnerable job seekers, employees and their employers by creating a quality framework for supported employement agencies.

SEQF links the five basic principles of Supported Employment (client engagement, vocational profiling, job finding, employer engagement on & of job support)  to one or more of the nine EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) areas.

It contains a scored self-assessment toolkit for organisations which can be used to prioritise actions to further improve the quality of support offered to jobseekers and employers.

BASE has tested the self-assessment toolkit with a number of BASE members to refine the product and a shorter model fidelity version was developed in 2018 which is now being used as part of the Local Supported Employment Initiative.