Project Search evaluation (August 2014)

Year of Publication: 

This independent evaluation report on Project SEARCH sites up until 2013 was carried out by Dr. Axel Kaehne. The report was commissioned by the South West Employment Institute.

The report includes interviews with a representative group of families that validate the results reported by sites. At the date of this study there were 17 sites and PS had achieved a sustained average employment rate of 51.5%, with a range from 45% to 60% for individual sites for 2009 to 2012. Data reported at a May census date 10 months after graduation showed an average employment rate across sites of 59.7% in 2011 and 57.9% in 2012.

Between 2012 and 2014 the number of Project SEARCH sites in the UK has risen to 32 sites and now include examples of NHS, local authority, university and major private sector employer engagement. Project SEARCH continues to promote an approach of close adherence to a tried and tested model of good practice with international learning about “what works.”

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