Findings from Parent Carer Forums in pathfinder areas

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A fascinating insight into the the challenge of co-production between parents and the 'professionals'. Parent carer forums were recently involved in SEND pathfinder projects and this qualitative research report reflects the varying experiences of the forums.

Below an extract from the report which demonstrates of the clever juxtaposition of findings by the author.

4.8 In the SE7 Regional Framework for Parent Carer Participation, coproduction is a core theme of all work streams and SE7 defined coproduction in the following way: “Coproduction happens when all team members together co-produce decisions, plans, actions and materials as a collective with shared responsibility. This process develops over time, blends a range of expertise and perspectives, is driven by a solution focussed approach from all participants and requires strong leadership. Communication that is transparent and open, relationships that are equitable and respectful help the team overcome complex challenges and continue the process of learning together.”

4.9 One forum responded that they thought their meetings were coproduced, until they found out about a separate decision making meeting to which they were not invited. This would mean that their involvement was on the basis of participation.