EHRSUA, The Outsourcing Playbook & Supplier Code of Conduct v2

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The Employment & Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement (EHRSUA) is a framework-style agreement for the provision of employment and health related services. The objective of the agreement is to provide employment and health related support services helping people who are unemployed, disabled, have a health condition or barrier to work to select, train for, obtain and retain employment. Only providers accepted onto the umbrella framework are permitted to bid for high value DWP contracts.

DWP is reviewing the EHRSUA with a view to admitting small and medium size organisations. This would allow them to bid for smaller value contracts.

DWP has said it anticipates issuing an Invitation to Tender for Tier 1 and Tier 2 in January 2020. They will be issuing a further survey and conducting additional market engagement in the coming weeks and they currently anticipate issuing a separate Invitation to Tender for Tier 3 later in 2020.

DWP is making more information available to the public and we have posted some documents below. All documents are posted on - search for the EHRSUA virtual data room. This Virtual Data Room will be used by the Department as a document and data repository in order to share information in respect of, and related to EHRSUA.

Information will be shared on an iterative basis to enable transparency and provide early insight into design and current thinking.  This may include draft versions of documentation. 

On Wednesday 30th October 2019 the Department hosted a Pre-Market Engagement Event in Birmingham.  Some initial high-level design concepts were shared with attendees and round-table discussions were held to gain views, feedback and input from the market. A slide deck from the event is available to view.

The Outsourcing Playbook is aimed at Commercial, Finance and Project Delivery professionals across central government departments who are responsible for the planning and delivery of outsourcing projects. It aims to provide Commercial, Finance and Project Delivery professionals with guidelines, rules and principles that will help them to avoid the most common errors observed in outsourcing projects.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is intended for all those involved in the government supply chain, including central government departments, agencies, and public bodies and suppliers and subcontractors. As a statement of good practice it should be read both by current and aspiring suppliers to government and by their subcontractors in the supply chain.

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The Outsourcing PlaybookSupplier Code of Conduct v2