EHRC report: Is Britain Fairer?

Year of Publication: 

This is the most comprehensive review of how Britain is performing on equality and human rights and provides a complete picture of people’s life chances in Britain today.

It looks across all areas of life, including:

  • education
  • work
  • living standards
  • health
  • justice and security
  • participation in society

"Disabled people are not enjoying the progress experienced by other groups. Their right to an inclusive education is not being fulfilled –in fact, the proportion of disabled children at special rather than mainstream schools has increased in England and Wales – and they are more likely to be excluded from school. This disadvantage continues in later life.

"The disability pay gap persists, with disabled people earning less per hour on average than non-disabled people. Disabled people are more likely to be in low-pay occupations and this likelihood has increased.

"Disabled people are also more likely to be in poverty. Those who can’t work rely on an increasingly restricted welfare regime that is projected to lower their living standards even further. They also face poorer health and lack of access to suitable housing. Safety is another major concern, as fewer disabled people havecon dence that the criminal justice system is effective."

This is an advance pre-publication draft. The report will be finalised when it is laid before Parliament.