Employment is Everyone's Business

Year of Publication: 

As part of the Department for Education (DfE) funded project, Employment is Everyone's Business, the National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi) and the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) have published three guides that demonstrate best practice in the transition of young people with disabilities from education to employment.

The three guides comprise;

  • A planning guide for schools, colleges and careers advisers on how to work with young people from year 9 onwards to understand the world of work and to think about their skills, interests and work aspirations.
  • A guide for colleges on employer engagement on how to identify and work with local employers to understand their business needs and promote the skills and aspirations of individual young people.
  • A guide for local authorities on how to connect with and understand employers and ensure that employment support for young people sits alongside authority-wide strategies for employment, housing and individual funding.