Careers Handbook for primary schools

Year of Publication: 

The Career Development Institute has produced a handbook for use in primary schools to begin careers discussions.

The practise of delivering career related learning (CRL) in primary schools has been growing over time and has enabled a clear evidence base to be formed demonstrating the impact.  Twenty first century living has heightened the need for embedding CRL in schools in order to  broaden horizons, challenge assumptions and stereotypes and thus aid social mobility and future employability.  This framework builds on the former CDI framework which started at KS2 and brings CRL into an all age framework from the age of 4 years upwards.

The Career Development Institute (CDI) has created a new framework identifying six areas of learning that facilitate positive careers and lifelong career development. Ideas about what constitutes a positive career will differ, but for many people it is likely to include:

  • gaining personal autonomy

  • making choices and managing their progress in learning, leisure and work

  • realising their aspirations

  • experiencing personal, social and economic wellbeing

  • contributing to the wellbeing of others through the work that they do.