Matt's Everest Base Camp trek for BASE

Matt's Everest Base Camp trek for BASE

The owner and Chief Executive of Millwood Servicing, Matt Wood, is planning a sponsored walk in aid of BASE. Matt spoke at our 2019 conference and is a commited supporter of our aims. In 2021 he plans to to trek to Everest Base Camp with a trusted and recommended company - an adventure that will see Matt trek with a publicly nominated volunteer with a disability to up to 5555m above sea level taking in nearly 200 km and many amazing sights and memories to remember along the way. 

This is part of Matt's self-funded 3 Mountains in three years - Challenge for 3 amazing charities or #3M43C for short and so every donation will be split equally three ways as each charity has a close connection with his family.

  • The Pyrenees - Freedom Trail in 2020  for MIND
  • Everest Base Camp for BASE in 2021
  • Mont Blanc for Missing People in 2022

So... do YOU know someone who might like that challenge? If so, please read on:


My pledge is that I'll pay for both me and the other person to complete the trip - there will be no cost to them at all.

The chosen person will be trained by a National Gym from June 2020 till September 2021 free of charge and I’ll pick the person through a random selection once the vote has closed in June 2020 once I'm back from a week long Arctic Circle survival challenge for the Royal British Legion.

All they have to do is be willing to do it and have a genuine desire to achieve something truly amazing. So, here's how to nominate a person:

  • You simply will have to pledge a minimum of £10 on this page.
  • In the message box, the person donating the money can provide brief details of the person they wish to nominate and why they feel this person would like this fantastic opportunity. BUT PLEASE NO PHONE OR EMAIL AT THIS STAGE
  • Finally, add YOUR NAME and their name at the end of the passage and, if they are selected, I’ll send you an email in June 2020 when we can chat about the lucky individual who will be joining me in 2021 to trek to EVEREST BASE CAMP!

In January 2021, I shall be completing the High Moon Fan Dance with a publically nominated person who has a learning disability or mental health condition to end our year of awareness for Mind. I'm looking for nominations after March 2020 for this next challenge.

Remember, all the money will be evenly shared between BASE, MIND & Missing People. So please give what you can and make 2021 a truly amazing year for someone with a disability.

Thank you, Matt