Lunch & Learn: Facilitating & Implementing Working Interviews with Employers

10/07/23 12:00 to 13:00


For those of us that work in Supported Employment, we know all too well that our learners can be at a massive disadvantage when it comes to the current world of recruitment. To put things simply, there is a difference between being able to do a job and being able to talk about doing a job. However positively promoting working interviews with employers sometimes isn’t enough, like anything, we need to support them to implement and reassure them that some people need to be treated differently in order to be treat equally.

This workshop will look at Working Interviews as a general concept and also go into detail about how to sell, implement and will give advice on how to support both the employer throughout the process.

Learning Outcomes

This Lunch and Learn session will cover

•           What is a working Interview?

•           The changing landscape of recruitment – Artificial Intelligence

•           How to implement Inclusive Application Processes

•           How to sell the concept of Working Interviews positively to employers

•           Effectively demonstrate and promote the business case

•           Understand Positive Action

•           Identify key task in the Job Description

•           Implement Working Interviews for alternative recruitment methods

•           Fully supporting the employer

•           How to promote your successes.

Session is suitable for

Employment Advisers, SE Managers & Job Coaches – plus anyone in business with an active interest in recruitment.

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About Mitch

Mitch has worked for Specialist Employment Service and Kent Supported Employment for the last 30 years, starting at the tender age of 23 as one of the service’s first Job Coaches.

Since 2020 Mitch has been the services full time Training Coordinator, which involves delivering TSI training, training practitioners across the UK (and Europe) on the key stages and principles of supported employment.

When Mitch actually has any spare time he plays guitar, watch’s 70’s martial art Hong Kong cinema, cooking and dog walking – not at the same time he is quick to point out.