Internships Work: Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework

16/05/23 12:00 to 13:00

The Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework: how it can help you.

Join Lily Beyer, Project Manager for Inclusive Trading working in partnership with the British Association for Supported Internship, to learn more about the newly published Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) and how it can help you and your supported internship (SI) provision.

Background to the SIQAF:

As part of the Internships Work programme the Supported Internship Quality Framework, developed for the Department for Education by the Education and Training Foundation and their centres for excellence in 2022, was reviewed and amended, after being trialled with ten SI providers. The revised version has now been published and is available to be used by all SI providers and their delivery partners.

The revised SIQAF has been designed as a self-assessment tool to support you to determine the quality and success of your SI programme. It will highlight your strengths and should be used as an annual continuous improvement tool.

For educators and SI providers and partners this session will outline the revised SIQAF, the new scoring system, using the new self-assessment tool and how you can use it to support your continuous improvement efforts. For local authorities, the session will help you understand how the SIQAF self-assessment process can be used to support your local action plans.

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