BASE Supported Employment Funded Learning Roadshow

04/04/24 10:30 to 11:15

The Event

This event is specially designed for those who've had a conversation with George Greaves, PTG, or participated in our BASE SESD "Lunch & Learn" events. We're taking things to the next level, focusing on specialised programs that promise to transform your professional capabilities within the Supported Employment sector.

Who Should Attend?

This event is a must for all BASE members and non-members who have engaged with our team regarding the fund. Whether you're a line manager, an employee eager to enrol in one of our transformative programs, or a seasoned leader in the support and care sectors, our Roadshow offers deep insights into educational opportunities that pave the way for significant personal and professional growth. 14th March, 2024 BASE Supported Employment Funded Learning Roadshow

Why Attend? For an individual you will gain in-depth knowledge about each program and how they can enhance your personal professional journey. For an employer you will discover how these educational opportunities can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation, particularly in the Supported Employment space. supported employment

For more information see the attached flyer 

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