TSI (Taunton)

TSI (Taunton)

29/01/18 to 01/02/18

Venue: Six Acres Resource Centre, Roman Road, Taunton TA1 2BD
Cost: £550+vat (BASE members: £500+vat)

* 1 place available *

This 3.5 day Training in Systematic Instruction course is delivered in Taunton on 29 January - 1 February by Mark Kilsby and Julie Allan. Please contact the trainers directly to apply for a place. This course is suitable for staff working in schools, colleges and supported employment services and is essential for anyone offering in-work support. 

1. To provide the background, context and values of TSI and how it relates to supported employment;
2. To demonstrate that people with disabilities have a history of failure. and how this can lead to ‘learned helplessness’;
3. To introduce the concept of ‘task analysis’ (TA) as an essential method for preparing to train employment skills for disabled people;
4. Participants will conduct a TA;
5. To present a set of rules for assisting people with learning disabilities to overcome learned helplessness and learn employment tasks quickly and independently;
6. To provide a practical demonstration of the method through a live CCTV training demonstration by one of the presenters with a person with a learning disability on a practical task;
7. Participants will work one-on-one with a person with a learning disability on the model task, which is filmed to provide practical experience of the training techniques;
8. To record the trainee’s learning curves during the practical session and to provide feedback on the participant’s training;
9. To understand a range of alternative methods of presentation available to the trainer according to the trainee’s needs and safety concerns in work;
10. To discuss how TSI fits into the real world and ways for participants to take the approach forward in supported employment.

To book a place, please contact Mark Kilsby at kilsbyms@yahoo.co.uk