Level 2 Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health

Level 2 Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health

10/05/21 to 11/05/21

Cost: £100+vat (members), £120+vat (non-members)

* Course fully booked *

The course is accredited through Highfield Qualifications.  The objective of this qualification is to give people personal growth and engagement in learning, specifically in relation to understanding the principles of first aid for mental health.  The 2-day course provides the underpinning knowledge of mental health first aid including:
  • Recognising mental ill health in yourself and others
  • Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Understanding how to promote a wellness culture in the workplace
  • The importance of resilience and self-care for first aiders for mental health

The course is taught over 2 days over Zoom, 9:30 – 2:30.  Included in this time is taking 2 on-line multiple choice exams, which is the assessment method that is used.  The teaching finishes at 1pm and the examination then starts at 1:30.