These pages contain information about supported employment that will be of particular interest to commissioners. Content will be added so please send us any information that you think will be of interest to other commissioners.

"I want to ask for your continued support for investment in supported employment to make sure that more people with learning disabilities are successful in realising their employment aspirations"
Anne Williams (Valuing People Now, 2010)

"Local services need to be adapted to reflect the needs and wishes of all the people who are going to use them. This transformation is likely to involve a re-commissioning process to develop new services that are grounded in proven research evidence and recognised best practice."
About Time: Commissioning to transform day and vocational services (Centre for Mental Health, 2008)

There is increasing evidence that the commissioning of supported employment services leads directly to financial savings for local authorities and health trusts as well as for the Treasury. We know that 65% of people with learning disabilities or severe mental health conditions want to work. Current employment rates are unacceptably low. This can only change if appropriate models of support are commissioned.

There is now a wide range of evidence-based practice and an increasing confidence that employment not only leads to more fulfilling lives but also saves money.

There are now National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment and a workforce qualification has been developed. There is a cross Government document that describes best practice in job coaching.