2017 National Conference

2017 National Conference

Jurys Inn, Brighton Waterfront 

8-9 November 2017

The themes for this year were:

  • Maximising the role of employers
  • Transitions, apprenticeships and internships
  • Maintaining specialist local support
  • Ensuring quality



Penny Mordaunt MP (Minister for Disabled People) (Presentation)
(Speech delivered by Hugh Pullinger)

Richard Clifton (Director of Integrated Services, Shaw Trust)

Laura Owens (President, Transcen Inc) (Presentation)

Huw Davies (CEO, BASE)

Jan Hutchinson (Director of Programmes and Performance, Centre for Mental Health) (Presentation)

Diane Lightfoot (CEO, Business Disability Forum) (Presentation)

David May (Director Transformation and Soft Services, Sodexo) (Presentation)

Lara Roberts / Mrunal Sisodia (National Network of Parent Carer Forums) (Presentation)

Louise Wright (Deputy Director for Apprenticeship Strategy, DfE)

2017 Conference Workshops

A1: Access to Work :Overview and Future Direction Stuart Edwards (Department for Work and Pensions)

A2: Inclusive entrepreneurship - building sustaining self-employment opportunities  Keith Bates (Mutually Inclusive Partnerships), Robert Elston (Status Employment)

A3: Individual Placement and Support - then and now  Saxon Chadwick (Southdown Supported Employment), Kate Bones (Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust)

A4: How to market your organisation with zero budget and very little time Gillian Parker (BASE)

A5: Engage to Change: Working with young people with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties and/or ASD on their journey to employment Kathy Rivett, Chris English (Elite Supported Employment Agency)

B1: Promoting Meaningful Lives Using Personal Interests and Community Resources (Presentation) Laura Owens (Transcen inc)

B2: Supported Internships - making a difference  Stephanie Smith (Health Education England), Karen Porter (York NHS Foundation Trust)

B3: Universal Credit – common issues Julie Henry (National Association of Welfare Rights Advisors)

B4: "Doing Your Thing" - supporting people to be enterprise leaders  Helen Allen (Community Catalysts), Jayne Lodge (REAL Employment) 

B5: A strengths approach to recruitment  Dan Collinson (Positive Psychology Learning), Laura Davis (Ways into Work)

C1: Learning from the apprenticeship pacesetters  Lauren Bennett (Learning and Work Institute), Tracey Newell (Enable)

C2: The business case for employers for employing people with a learning disability: A review of evidence  Steve Beyer (National Centre for Mental Health, Cardiff University)

C3: Dynamic Purchasing System and the use of Flexible Support Fund in DWP Gary Edwards, Wayne Edmunds (Department for Work and Pensions)  

C4: How the EQUASS quality system can facilitate a person-centred approach to Supported Employment Michael Crowley (European Platform for Rehabilitation)

C5: Assistive technology - how developments in everyday technologies can enhance Independence  Pete Bennett, Lisa Marie (Avail Support)

D1: Local Supported Employment: DWP and LAs working together  Jacqui Hansbro (Department for Work and Pensions), Karen Kingsland (Brighton and Hove City Council), Alicia Moyles (Kent County Council), Amanda Selley (Hertfordshire County Council)

D2: WorkFit- Connecting employers and employees with Down’s syndrome  Paul Harrison, Simon James (Down’s Syndrome Association)

D3: Assuring quality: a supported employment quality framework Huw Davies (BASE), David Stenning (Kent Supported Employment)

D4: Supported Businesses; where are we now and opportunities for the future  Melanie Walls (BASE), Linda McIntyre (Watford Workshop), Avril Montgomery (Department for Work and Pensions)

D5: De-mystifying Supported Employment for families Kathy Melling (BASE)

Best Practice Awards

We presented our annual Best Practice Awards at the conference dinner on 8 November.

You can view the winners on our awards page



A summary of the conference evaluation is available to view.