January 2011

Financial services powerhouse PricewaterhouseCoopers has launched a bid to dramatically improve welfare to work provision by working with social enterprises.

The campaigns department at Mencap is preparing a new campaign, ‘Stand by Me’, which is tackling learning disability hate crime and the way in which people with a learning disability are treated by the police. Mencap wants learning disability hate crime to be high on the police’s agenda and for people with a learning disability to feel confident in reporting crimes to the police.

Payment by results (PbR) might soon be spreading to adult social care.

Sarina Russo Job Access has decided not to participate in the competition for Work Programme contracts, despite being accepted onto the Framework for Employment Related Support Services for three regions across the UK.

Gus O'Donnell, the head of the civil service, has asked a senior colleague to investigate the democratic impact of the government's localism bill, which is intended to end Whitehall's domination of the political system and devolve power to local people.

BASE has a couple of on-line surveys underway. All member agencies have been contacted to request their support in completing a survey on the transition to Work Choice while supported business members have been asked to complete an online survey to identify current and future issues.

Notification of the Work Choice survey was issued to primary contacts at our members on 12 January. The survey has a closing date of 31 January.

Notification of the supported business survey was issued to supported businesses on 17 January and this survey has a closing date of 4 February.

The Association for Learning Providers (ALP) has warned that the government’s new Work Programme has “a high-risk financial model and unrealistic targets” which could leave training providers at risk of failure.

The latest report from the Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion Think Tank asserts that, for the government’s new Work Programme to succeed, it must be able to meet the needs of participants with health conditions and/or disabilities.

According to reasearch by Community Care magazine, voluntary social care organisations are being devastated by public spending cuts that threaten to undermine the government's Big Society agenda.

The organisers of the 2011 EUSE conference in Copenhagen have announced that they will continue to accept proposals for workshops up to 1 March. A newsletter has just been published giving further details of the conference. http://www.euse2011.org