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PossAbilities Employment is a supported employment service based within PossAbilities CIC.

PossAbilities works across the Borough of Rochdale and does not have any postcode restrictions. We work with adults between the ages of 18- 65, who have a diagnosed mental health condition, a learning disability or a physical or sensory impairment. We also work with those people who do not fit neatly into any service, but without our support would not be able to find or keep a job. This may include those people with autistic spectrum disorders, aspergers syndrome, attention deficit disorder or severe dyslexia.

Clients will be ready for employment at different times. Some are ready to job search when they first come to us, but for others it may be several years before they are ready for that level of commitment.

Clients are given help in the form of training and one to one or group sessions of confidence building and employment skills. They will learn how to write a CV or fill out an application form. They will be helped with interview techniques and offered support at all of these stages.

It may be that the client needs some form of basic training before they attempt to look for work, or they may have a goal which requires vocational training of some kind. They will be assisted in finding the right kind of training and supported on any courses or training sessions if needed.

When the time is right the clients will be supported in finding suitable voluntary or work experience placements and again supported to attend these until they are confident enough to attend alone. The same goes with employment which is the ultimate goal for most of our clients. The Employment Officers will help them to job search and apply for jobs and negotiate with employers on their behalf. We also offer on the job training and support until the client has settled into their new work role.

Probably the most important area of our work is the social care support which we offer to all our clients. This could take the form of assistance with benefits claims or appeals, support with housing, debt, family or health problems.

Finding a job brings huge benefits to a disabled person’s life, but it does not take away their disability, so our clients receive on going support, once they are in work, to ensure that their employment is sustained, continues to be in their best interests and their social care needs continue to be met.

PossAbilities Employment also offers a retention service to help employers to keep somebody in work who may have a disability, or perhaps due to illness, an injury or a health condition has acquired a disability, which now makes their job more difficult. We help the employer to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace or assist the employee in looking for alternative work.

PossAbilities Employment is not a service where the client can only get help for a limited amount of time. We offer support, advice and guidance for as long as may be required and clients can come back to us after a break of many years if they need our help again.

We also offer Work Choice for those clients who need additional help to get into work.

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