WHY – Because everyone person should be entitled to hope and given a first chance in life – This clearly isn’t the case for the vast majority of more diverse people with learning difficulties or disabilities who have much to gain and offer society:

The proportion of people with a learning disability who are in paid employment has decreased to 6.8% in 2013/14. Similarly the proportion of people in contact with secondary mental health services in paid employment has decreased to 7.1% in 2013/14. This suggests that there is more that could be done to enable people in these two categories to achieve paid employment – Adult Social Care Outcomes 2015/16 Department for Health


HOW – The government is committed to halving the disability employment gap, which can only be achieved through DfE/DWP-sponsored supported employment initiatives which includes helping people through the provision of: i) pre-employment support (e.g. supported internships schemes and ‘entry-level’ apprenticeships), ii) starting-up and iii) staying in work. This will be achieve by openly sharing and employing multi-national award winning and well-proven best supported employment practices and operating models e.g. highly successful and sustainable EmployAbility Supported Internship Partnership Schemes


WHAT – MORETHAN7 is committed to increasing the level of paid employment outcomes by a factor of 10x over and above the national average, by working in partnership with leading local authorities, education-providers and prospective employers who also ‘buy into’ this individual, social and business imperative to act. Generally prospective education-provider champions (early adopters) want to know three things; How do I do it; How do I get it funded; Where do I find willing employers. Our job is to help answer and resolve these three key and any other important issues they might have.


MORETHAN7 is a social enterprise designed to deliver life-changing outcomes for people with learning difficulties or disabilities. Our ambition is to change the lives of people with learning difficulties or disabilities whilst creating value for organisations through the development and implementation of sustainable and effective supported employment schemes. For more information, please contact


GREAT LEADERS WHO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN – “People don’t buy into what you do, they buy into why you do it” – Simon Sinek TED talk. We urgently need more great education and business leaders who are willing: to become ‘early adopters’ ; take on these challenges (long-standing inequalities and injustices); talk about what they have seen, believe and are currently doing in terms of delivering paid employment and other life- and business-changing outcomes for this more creative and diverse people group.

MORETHAN7 offers its services to education providers (e.g. Local authorities, special school and FE colleges) and prospective employers.

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