Mi.Life Limited

Mi.Life Limited

Employer? Young Person and Adults with Autism and a Learning Disability? Families? Or Education? We may be able to help you.

We work in partnership with employers, education and organisations to support young people and adults with autism and learning disabilities in their chosen quality life outcomes. Our main focus is to support people in to successful employment outcomes. This is with an employer or maybe self-employed.

We have over 25 years of experience. Following person centred values and a view that everyone is capable of achieving their aspirations and it is our role to support them to achieve this successfully.


What does this mean for people with autism and learning disabilities?

  • Aged 16 plus in education or not, we support you to find the right sustainable paid job.
  • We carry out a full personal profile discovering your abilities, skills and interests.
  • After finding the right opportunity matching your profile, our staff work with employers, to understand the job including health & safety requirements to provide us with the information to best support you successfully.
  • Then we train you using successful faded Structured Training support techniques until you are independent. This includes travel to and from work.
  • We also provide a free after care advice and on call support.


What does this mean for an employer?

  • A different FREE approach to recruitment.
  • Offering accurate matching and professional advice.
  • Support with retention for any employee you may have with with a disability.
  • Staff development opportunities, by raising awareness of people with learning disabilities and national recognised support techniques with training offered free.
  • On call support when required.


What does this mean for Education?

  • A different pathway to supporting young people and adults with autism and learning disabilities into sustainable employment.
  • This can be people on any study programme including work experience, supported internships, traineeship or apprenticeships.
  • Criteria is based on individual and family motivation towards paid work not on levels of qualification. 
  • We deliver our own Supported Internship and/or support you with your own study programme.
  • We also continue to support a person after education programmes.


We work with people aged 16 to retirement. Our expertise is people with autism and learning disabilities although we can support people with other disabilities. Our services are individualised, person centred and deliver successful outcomes. If you are interested in being part of our partnership then please do not hesitate to contact us on:


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